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The Benefits

There are many reasons as to why wood is the right choice when purchasing new windows or replacing old ones. 

Here are just a few:

  • It can be stained or painted to match any interior or exterior 

  • Energy efficient by providing the best insulation values which lead to reduced energy bills

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Many customization options - from arch tops to rakes or heritage to modern styles

  • Wood is a high quality material that is strong and will last for many years

  • Warmth and beauty of a natural product that enhances the look of a home

Window Styles

We provide a multitude of different options when it comes to selecting the style of windows you want. These are the most popular styles that we provide:

  • Casement - The sash is attached to one side of the frame by hinges and opens outwardly in horizontal fashion

  • Awning - Similar to the Casement except it opens vertically

  • Single Hung - A heritage style where one sash is operable sliding vertically while the other is fixed into place

  • Double Hung - Similar to the Single Hung except both sash are operable

In addition to our popular styles, we also provide more unique options. This includes arch-top windows, circular windows, bays, rakes and direct glazed (no sash).

Wood Window home, vancouver

Paints & Stains

When purchasing a high quality window, there needs to be a high quality paint or stain to match - and that's what we strive to provide! We are able to customize both the interior and exterior of each window to the finish you prefer whether that is painted/stained/primed - or a simple clear sealer. 


Have a specific brand/product or colour in mind? We can make it work!

For a full list of stain options we use and provide, visit: Sansin Stains

For a full list of paint options we use and provide, visit: Benjamin Moore


The choice in hardware can be just as important as the window. That is why we provide an array of top quality hardware styles and finishes. From a white roto crank handle to a more unique oil rub bronze cam handle, the choice is up to you! We take pride in providing you the perfect window with hardware to match.

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